Get a fresh new perspective on your marketing this spring

It will soon be the new financial year and people are making their business decisions for 2018/19.

So, it’s time to get your marketing material out there – you need to spring into action!

Here are some effective ways you can refresh your marketing this spring:

Refresh your logo.

Does your logo look dated? If you’ve had it for a while, it could look old-fashioned. Why not get a graphic designer to take some time to refresh it and make it more on-trend?

Your logo reflects your brand. It’s on all your promotional materials, your emails, your headed paper. It’s worth making a small investment here to ensure your brand has the correct image.

Redesign your banners.

If you’re going to expos, trade shows, or networking events, a fresh, new banner will make you stand out. Your banner is supposed to make people stop in their tracks and check out your company.

You need it to be a conversation starter at shows, an impactful way of visually showing your brand in photographs. It’s worth getting a professional designer to create something unique for your business.

Get a design for new flyers.

Flyers are one of the most cost-effective ways of getting new business, and you can invest in seasonally-themed flyers to target different customers. The key thing is knowing what you want to achieve from them.

It might be to drive more people into a retail store with new offers, to encourage more people to visit a website or call a phone number. You need to be very clear about those objectives before you begin.

Refresh your website.

You could go for a full redesign or the refreshing of your content. That depends on how your existing site functions. Is it mobile-friendly and does it help your business rank well in search engine results?

Does the design give visitors a good user experience? If your site is functioning well and mobile-friendly, a content refresh could be one of the best ways to refresh your online marketing.

Content should not just tell your website visitors what you do, it should show them how you solve their problems. Your content should also have clear calls to action telling visitors what you want them to do – such as phone you before an offer ends or order online with a promotional code.

You could also consider a new landing page for some of your key services to drive more traffic to your main site.

We hope you have found this useful. If so, why not book in your FREE 30 minute discovery call worth £97 and start getting to where you want to be.