What does your flyer say about your business?

Did you know your business flyer could talk?

When you hand over or deliver a flyer, it is saying so much about you – even if you didn’t realise it.

Your potential customers are picking up lots of signals from it about you and how you do business.

Get it right, and it could be a fantastic advocate.

Get it wrong, and you could do more harm than good!

Here’s what your flyer might be saying:

1. Spelling errors or poor grammar.

Your flyer says: “Slapdash! We just don’t care about the detail…”

There’s really no excuse for poor grammar or spelling mistakes these days. There are tools like Grammarly which spellcheck and look for grammatical howlers.

Failing to use them looks unprofessional.

Once your flyer is printed, there’s no going back. You must either bin those with these errors, costing you money immediately, or send them out and risk losing sales and brand reputation because of them.

2. Poor quality paper.

Your flyer says: “This business is swimming in the cheap end. They’ll take the lowest prices for their goods or services…”

A cheap flyer undermines your pricing strategy. It’s a false economy.

3. Awful images.

Your flyer says: “Do these guys really know what they’re doing?”

Fuzzy, out of focus, or boring images should never be on a flyer. Every image you use should be impactful and pin sharp. They should also be relevant to the benefits your business gives your customers. For example, a picture of a stove will do nothing for a restaurant. A mouth-watering image of a prepared meal, however, is a great seller.

4. Copy with lots of jargon.

Your flyer says: “Zzzzzzz. Wake me up when they get to the point….”

No one will read jargon. Marketing is all about communication, and jargon inhibits that. If people aren’t in the industry and don’t know the jargon, they feel alienated by it.

Bore them, and your flyer will be filed in the bin!

5. Confusing design.

Your flyer says: “Life’s too short. I’ll look for a business which doesn’t make me scratch my head…”

If people struggle to read your flyer because of a poor design, they’re far more likely to simply throw it away. People don’t have the time to figure it out.

Make your design simple, effective, and make sure your copy flows from one section to another.

One of the biggest crimes against flyers is using dark text against a dark background – making it difficult to read.

6. No contact details or the wrong email or phone number.

Your flyer says: “Wow! They may as well have thrown £10 notes in the bin…”

No one would do this…would they? You’d be surprised! Make sure your flyer has relevant and correct contact details. Without them, you are just wasting your money.

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