8 brilliant ways to make your direct mail campaign stand out!

If you thought direct mail was dead, think again.

In fact, its resurgence is being driven by a surprising demographic: millennials.

Most of us think of this sector of the population as wedded to digital, but it seems they have discovered a love for getting post!

Research by the Direct Mail Association in 2016 found that 36% of people aged under 30 look forward to getting their daily post, 66% are more likely to use a voucher if it came in a hard copy form rather than online, and 23% bought something in the previous 12 months because of a direct mailing.

Direct mail is still a useful marketing and advertising tool for savvy businesses.

It has an average response rate of 3.7% - compared with email’s 1%.

Don’t allow your direct mailing to get lost in the pile!

Here are eight clever ways to make it stand out…

1. Personalise it.

If you can, write directly to the person you’re sending it to rather than, ‘Dear customer’ or ‘Dear householder’.

2. Hand-write the envelope.

If you’re sending a letter rather than a postcard or flyer, stand out from the mass of printed envelopes by hand-writing yours.

This increases the likelihood that your post will be opened.

3. Use good quality paper to increase your response rates.

Studies have shown that poor quality paper can impact on the responses you receive. A good quality paper increases response rates and says good things about your brand.

4. Make it an exclusive offer.

Make your prospects want to join the club. People love the idea of receiving something exclusively, and that increases the likelihood they will respond to your letter, flyer, or brochure.

5. Add credibility with celebrity endorsements or excellent testimonials.

If your products are endorsed by a celebrity, use that in an eye-catching way on your postcards, brochures, or flyers or in your letters. If you have excellent testimonials, use break-out quotes from them to add to your credibility.

6. Focus on a simple, powerful message and striking images.

Don’t over-complicate things. You won’t be able to feature everything you do, so pick the one point you’d like to be your focus. Write simple, short sentences, and use great images well. Make sure you include contact details – you’d be surprised how many people forget this!

7. Send ‘lumpy’ mail.

What’s this? Add something to your letter which makes it stand out and ensure it isn’t flat. That could be a promotional gift, for example.

Why do this? It’s a neat trick. Having lumpy mail means it is far more likely to site at the top of a pile of post and be opened first.

8. Use over-sized postcards for the best response rates.

Over-sized postcards have the best response rates of all direct mail at 5%. The next best is normally-sized postcards which have a 4.25% response rate.

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