3 easy ways for you step off the hamster wheel and market your business

Do you ever look at a hamster running in a wheel and know exactly how he feels?

The faster he runs, the faster the wheel moves…the faster he needs to run to keep up with it.

Starting and growing a business can make all of us feel like this.

There’s so much to think about and so much to do.

Did you know, though, that research by the University of Michigan found that multi-tasking can mean productivity drops by as much as 40%?

It’s may seem counter-intuitive, but all workers, including entrepreneurs, improve their productivity when they focus on one thing at a time.

What’s your ONE THING?

Surely, it must be delivering an excellent product or service for your customers.

There are several ways you can save time and reduce the hassle in your business – for example, outsourcing your accounts or administration, or automating your CRM.

Marketing is one key area where you can draft in a great deal of help.

When it comes to your marketing, what can you outsource?

1. Web design

Doing it yourself not only takes up precious time, it could leave you with results which look less than professional.

A good web designer will talk to you about your ideal customers, how your website needs to work, whether you need a brochure or eCommerce site, and if you need plug-ins for payments.

By drafting in a professional, you give your customers the best user experience. Saving a few pounds now could cost you dearly in the long run if your customers are put off by a bad experience when visiting your site.


Look for a designer who can meet your brief, work within your budget, and with whom you can have a good working relationship. This is very important as your site will need care and maintenance.

Ask them about hosting, updates, and the level of aftercare they provide once the website goes live.

Get testimonials from previous projects and look at their portfolio of work.

2. Graphic design

To get the professional branding you need, outsource the graphic design to an experienced designer.

Your branding sits above everything – your website, print products, business cards, and signage.

Getting that right and attracting the right customers is vital to the success of your business.


You’ll need someone who understands your industry and your customers, someone who ‘gets’ your brief and knows where your brand needs to be.

Look at their previous work and get testimonials from past customers.

Choosing someone with experience gives you the best chance of getting the logos, headed paper, and signage you need. A graphic designer who acts as a print manager will ensure you get the best quality items with far less hassle than getting quotes from several printers.

3. Social media

Setting up and managing your own social media can be hugely time-consuming.

Most businesses need multiple accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

We all know that we should be creating content and sharing it widely to attract new customers and reinforce our brand with existing clients.

Expert social media managers will create and deliver content updates to all your accounts and create reports showing what works for your business and what doesn’t, freeing you up to concentrate on other parts of your business.


A good social media manager will bring you a combination of strong organisation and creative content ideas. Do they already work in and understand your industry?

Ask them for references from other clients, ask them to detail a successful social media campaign they devised, and talk to them about their systems for reporting results.

You need to know you’re getting a good return on investment for your social media spend.

We hope you have found this useful. If so, why not book in your FREE 30 minute discovery call worth £97 and start getting to where you want to be.